Productive Leisure

by Infinitikiss



released January 1, 2017

_written, performed, recorded, and produced by Nic Jenkins / featuring: Casiotone CT-360, Yamaha Portasound PSS-140, vintage Slingerland drums, KAT percussion, Behringer Xenyx 502, Sony headphones and microphone / Spring – Fall 2016 / Château de MeowMeow Rock Music (BMI) / Columbia, SC and Lake City, SC / USA

_album art by Savannah Taylor :

_humble gratitude to : The Nickelodeon Theatre / Indie Grits Festival, One Columbia, Magic Hour, Power Company Collaborative, ARTFIELDS, Falling Off A Building, Shredquarters, Ony Ratsimbaharison, FKMT, Stefanie Santana, Carlos Hernandez, Pop-Up Charleston, DRIP Coffee, Good Life Cafe, Keep Our Scene Safef, Autocorrect, Husband, MAGIC HOUR, Conundrum Music Hall, Infinite Room, Scenario Collective, Fort Psych, Grapes & Gallery Studio, Grace Joyner, Hearts & Plugs, Gold Light, Redux Contemporary Art Studios, Charleston Music Hall, DanceFX/DanceLab, Charleston City Paper, Jasper, Free Times, The Vinyl Countdown, Papa Jazz, Tin Roof CHS, Charleston Guild Of Gentlemen Puppeteers, Scene SC, Party Frillz, Fingertips, Salter, YESFEST, Knower, Clay White, Ron Wiltrout, GRC CHS/COLA, Cara Levy, Diaspoura, DJ Mummbls, DJ Lanatron, De La Luz Music, Band & The Beat, Pedro LDV / DJ YAOKAY, Southerners On New Ground, ZYOU, The Wired Goat, Morimoto, Mette Wozniak, Vermins, Mechanical River, Stark Manor, The Seiberts, Those Lavender Whales, Designer Audio School, Charleston Zine Fest, Lunch Money Music, The Lovely Few, Tape Loop, Contour, She Returns From War, The Beacon, Erica Eso, Tapps Art Center, Zack Silliman, Lowcountry Lemonade, The Royal American, Ahomari, Andrew Svenson, Ritual Abjects, Slow Holler, Slow Runner, Infinite Room, my dear friends near and far, my dear FAMILY.



all rights reserved


Infinitikiss Charleston, South Carolina

Nic Jenkins:


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Track Name: Sameness
Finding a way to make it all work today
Finding a way to make sense of the play

Same as you
Sameness to do


This is just finding a way to make it all work today

Sameness to do
Sameness to do

This is just a mirror of your yesterday
Can’t quite get away
Because it’s all for learning’s sake
This is just a mirror image of your yesterday
Can’t quite get away
Because it’s all

Track Name: O, Valentine
O Valentine
You could be mine
In pantomime
Let's press rewind
And in due time
We could just find

A Grand Design
Awaits our eyes

Take a walk together as we talk
Chase our fears from edges of piers
Fevers in and out
Fevers come and fevers go
I just wanted you to know

A little note
Filled up with jokes
Some poem you / I / we wrote
Today we’ll toast
You could be mine
O Valentine

We’ll find the time
In pantomime
Let’s press rewind

At your smile
I'll stare for a while
Take a hike
With you on a bike
Once again I'll let you in
To my surprise
The best of both
Your ears and your eyes and your smile

Such grand design
We'll find the time

I'm yours
You're mine
Track Name: Stop The Madness
I don't wanna read the news
I don't wanna see another one

Stop the madness
Stop the madness
Stop the madness
Stop the madness
Track Name: Metamorphosis
Lately Optimistic
Neighborly Intrinsic
Nearly-ending cold front
Questioning the bold font

See the butterfly be
More than what she can see
Blending expressively
If only for a season

Trying to / fear less / than I did / last year
Trying to / love more / than I did / last year

Newly crafted poems
Fairly weathered sketches
Weird old habits
Dusty gadgets

Building trust with partners
Making sense of dollars
Not sure what to call her
Temperature mixups / hiccups / lift offs

Trying to / fear less / than I did / last year
Trying to / love more / than I did / last year

If only you / could be me / If only we / could all see
If only I / could be you / If only we / could speak truth (only)

Metamorphosis: are we more than this?
Track Name: It's Okay
Hey, it's okay
Be a little nicer to yourself today
Tomorrow we will try again